Nature at your doorstep

Wake up to whales at Logans Beach Whale Nursery.  They frolic at your front door.  The natural coastal reserve is your front yard.

 Morning or evening walks along Logans Beach are your staple exercise and recreation. The Hopkins River is a stone’s throw away.  Have lunch at Proudfoots Boat House on the Hopkins River then take the beautiful beach walk home.

You can walk or cycle along the 4 km coastal reserve to Lady Bay for a swim, lunch at the Surf Club or the Yacht Club café. Pick your way through rock pools at Penguin Island or venture round to Point Ritchie, Thunder Point and Levy’s Point.  You will never before have had access to a coast like this.

Immerse yourself in the regional indigenous culture and stories at Mt Eccles National Park, Lake Condah Mission Station and Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. Visit the Great Ocean Road National Park and marvel in the seascapes. Find a secluded cove for a picnic.

There is no limit to the beauty and diversity of Logans Beach Coastal Village or the region at your doorstep. You will be immersed in nature!